flapping against a totally new paradigm, functional programming – Elixir – Phoenix and more -ELIXIR PART 1

Hi, today i’m going to give my impressions on a new programming language, which i landed on very casually, but that it’s intriguing me more and more during my self pace training.

The language is Elixir, as anticipated in the title, along with it’s tool for web development – Phoenix – the framework that promise to be “Productive. Reliable. Fast. A productive web framework that does not compromise speed or maintainability.”

Wow, pretty much a challenging promise, isn’t it?

And it’s just the slogan, because core features it use to maintain its promises are:

      • the erlang’s robustness and predispodisition towards concurrency and scalability
      • a very friendly way to manage websockets and get a rich, full featured  “reacting data behaviours” almost for free in terms of lines of code, compared to others languages/coupled front end/back end framework choices. It’ called channels
      • a marketplace called “hex” where to find packages from the developers community – and till novthe community looks to me composed by very talented and precise people
      • Online and inline documentations that amazed me for quality and reliability

Next times i’ll try to get deeper into various topics drafted above, if you arrived here reading maybe you too know elixir/phoenix or maybe you are now a little bit curious about them.. in both cases please leave me your thoughts or suggestions.

elixir logoGreetings, Sergio